NFL Games Today: TV schedule, Times, Channels, How to watch

To all the NFL fans, Its 104th season is scheduled to begin on September 7, 2023, and end on January 7, 2024, with the playoffs scheduled to start on January 13. February 11, 2024, is a big day for NFL fans since The Super Bowl XLVIII championship game is scheduled at Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada.

What NFL games are on today?

There are no NFL games today; the NFL’s 104th season is scheduled to begin on September 7, 2023.

What channel are the NFL games on today and tonight?

TV Channels: CBS, ESPN, FOX, NBC, NFL Networks, and Prime Video.

NFL’s 104th season will be broadcast on Channels like CBS, ESPN, FOX, NBC, NFL Networks, and Prime Video. 

NFL Schedule: date, times, matchup, and TV channels

We will see everything you need to know about NFL game dates, matchups, start times, TV channel info, and how to watch or stream the NFL football game today or tonight.

NFL Week 1 schedule 2023

Thursday, September 7

GameTime (ET)TV
Lions at Chiefs8:20 PMNBC

Sunday, September 10

GameTime (ET)TV
Panthers at Falcons1:00 PMFox
Texans at Ravens1:00 PMCBS
Bengals at Browns1:00 PMCBS
Jaguars at Colts1:00 PMFox
Buccaneers at Vikings1:00 PMCBS
Titans at Saints1:00 PMCBS
49ers at Steelers1:00 PMFox
Cardinals at Commanders1:00 PMFox
Packers at Bears4:25 PMFox
Raiders at Broncos4:25 PMCBS
Dolphins at Chargers4:25 PMCBS
Eagles at Patriots4:25 PMCBS
Rams at Seahawks4:25 PMFox
Cowboys at Giants8:20 PMNBC

Monday, September 11

GameTime (ET)TV
Bills vs Jets8:15 PMESPN/ABC

NFL Week 2 schedule 2023

Thursday, September 14

GameTime (ET)TV
Vikings at Eagles8:15 PMPrime Video

Sunday, September 17

GameTime (ET)TV
Packers at Falcons1:00 PMFox
Raiders at Bills1:00 PMCBS
Ravens at Bengals1:00 PMCBS
Seahawks at Lions1:00 PMFox
Colts at Texans1:00 PMFox
Chiefs at Jaguars1:00 PMCBS
Bears at Buccaneers1:00 PMFox
Chargers at Titans1:00 PMCBS
Giants at Cardinals4:05 PMFox
49ers at Rams4:05 PMFox
Jets at Cowboys4:25 PMCBS
Commanders at Broncos4:25 PMCBS
Dolphins at Patriots8:20 PMNBC

Monday, September 18

GameTime (ET)TV
Saints at Panthers7:15 PMESPN
Browns at Steelers8:15 PMABC

NFL Week 3 schedule 2023

Thursday, September 21

GameTime (ET)TV
Giants at 49ers8:15 PMPrime Video

Sunday, September 24

GameTime (ET)TV
Colts at Ravens1:00 PMCBS
Titans at Browns1:00 PMCBS
Falcons at Lions1:00 PMFox
Saints at Packers1:00 PMFox
Texans at Jaguars1:00 PMFox
Broncos at Dolphins1:00 PMCBS
Chargers at Vikings1:00 PMFox
Patriots at Jets1:00 PMCBS
Bills at Commanders1:00 PMCBS
Panthers at Seahawks4:05 PMCBS
Cowboys at Cardinals4:25 PMFox
Bears at Chiefs4:25 PMFox
Steelers at Raiders8:20 PMNBC

Monday, September 25

GameTime (ET)TV
Eagles at Buccaneers7:15 PMABC
Rams at Bengals8:15 PMESPN

NFL Week 4 schedule 2023

Thursday, September 28

GameTime (ET)TV
Lions vs Packers8:15 PMPrime Video

Sunday, October 1

GameTime (ET)TV
Falcons at Jaguars9:30 AMESPN+
Dolphins at Bills1:00 PMCBS
Vikings at Panthers1:00 PMFOX
Broncos at Bears1:00 PMCBS
Ravens at Browns1:00 PMCBS
Steelers at Texans1:00 PMCBS
Rams at Colts1:00 PMFOX
Buccaneers at Saints1:00 PMFOX
Commanders at Eagles1:00 PMFOX
Bengals at Titans1:00 PMFOX
Raiders at Chargers4:05 PMCBS
Patriots at Cowboys4:25 PMFOX
Cardinals at 49ers4:25 PMFOX
Chiefs at Jets8:20 PMNBC

Monday, October 2

GameTime (ET)TV
Seahawks at Giants8:15 PMESPN

NFL Week 5 schedule 2023

Thursday, October 5

GameTime (ET)TV
Bears at Commanders8:15 PMAmazon Prime

Sunday, October 8

GameTime (ET)TV
Jaguars at Bills (London)9:30 AMNFL Network
Texans at Falcons1:00 PMFOX
Panthers at Lions1:00 PMFOX
Titans at Colts1:00 PMCBS
Giants at Dolphins1:00 PMFOX
Saints at Patriots1:00 PMCBS
Ravens at Steelers1:00 PMCBS
Bengals at Cardinals4:05 PMFOX
Eagles at Rams4:05 PMFOX
Jets at Broncos4:25 PMCBS
Chiefs at Vikings4:25 PMCBS
Cowboys at 49ers8:20 PMNBC

Monday, October 9

GameTime (ET)TV
Packers at Raiders8:15 PMESPN

NFL Week 6 schedule 2023

Thursday, October 12

GameTime (ET)TV
Broncos at Chiefs8:15 PMAmazon Prime

Sunday, October 15

GameTime (ET)TV
Ravens at Titans (London)9:30 AMNFL Network
Commanders at Falcons1:00 PMCBS
Vikings at Bears1:00 PMFOX
Seahawks at Bengals1:00 PMCBS
49ers at Browns1:00 PMFOX
Saints at Texans1:00 PMFOX
Colts at Jaguars1:00 PMCBS
Panthers at Dolphins1:00 PMCBS
Lions at Buccaneers1:00 PMFOX
Patriots at Raiders4:05 PMCBS
Cardinals at Rams4:25 PMFOX
Eagles at Jets4:25 PMFOX
Giants at Bills8:20 PMNBC

Monday, October 16

GameTime (ET)TV
Cowboys at Chargers8:15 PMESPN

NFL Week 7 schedule 2023

Thursday, October 19

GameTime (ET)TV
Jaguars at Saints8:15 PMAmazon Prime

Sunday, October 22

GameTime (ET)TV
Lions at Ravens1:00 PMFOX
Raiders at Bears1:00 PMFOX
Browns at Colts1:00 PMCBS
Bills at Patriots1:00 PMCBS
Commanders at Giants1:00 PMCBS
Falcons at Buccaneers1:00 PMFOX
Steelers at Rams4:05 PMFOX
Cardinals at Seahawks4:05 PMFOX
Packers at Broncos4:25 PMCBS
Chargers at Chiefs4:25 PMCBS
Dolphins at Eagles8:20 PMNBC

Monday, October 23

GameTime (ET)TV
49ers at Vikings8:15 PMESPN

NFL Week 8 schedule 2023

Thursday, October 26

GameTime (ET)TV
Buccaneers at Bills8:15 PMPrime Video

Sunday, October 29

GameTime (ET)TV
Texans at Panthers1:00 PMFOX
Rams at Cowboys1:00 PMFOX
Vikings at Packers1:00 PMFOX
Saints at Colts1:00 PMFOX
Patriots at Dolphins1:00 PMCBS
Jets at Giants1:00 PMCBS
Jaguars at Steelers1:00 PMCBS
Falcons at Titans1:00 PMFOX
Eagles at Commanders1:00 PMFOX
Browns at Seahawks4:05 PMFOX
Ravens at Cardinals4:25 PMCBS
Chiefs at Broncos4:25 PMCBS
Bengals at 49ers4:25 PMCBS
Bears at Chargers8:20 PMNBC

Monday, October 30

GameTime (ET)TV
Raiders at Lions8:15 PMESPN

NFL Week 9 schedule 2023

Thursday, November 2

GameTime (ET)TV
Titans at Steelers8:15 PMPrime Video

Sunday, November 5

GameTime (ET)TV
Dolphins at Chiefs9:30 PMNFL Network
Vikings at Falcons1:00 PMFOX
Seahawks at Ravens1:00 PMCBS
Cardinals at Browns1:00 PMCBS
Rams at Packers1:00 PMFOX
Buccaneers at Texans1:00 PMCBS
Commanders at Patriots1:00 PMFOX
Bears at Saints1:00 PMCBS
Colts at Panthers4:05 PMCBS
Giants at Raiders4:25 PMFOX
Cowboys at Eagles4:25 PMFOX
Bills at Bengals8:20 PMNBC

Monday, November 6

GameTime (ET)TV
Chargers at Jets8:15 PMESPN

NFL Week 10 schedule 2023

Thursday, November 9

GameTime (ET)TV
Panthers at Bears8:15 PMPrime Video

Sunday, November 12

GameTime (ET)TV
Colts at Patriots9:30 PMNFL Network
Browns at Ravens1:00 PMFOX
Texans at Bengals1:00 PMCBS
49ers at Jaguars1:00 PMFOX
Saints at Vikings1:00 PMFOX
Packers at Steelers1:00 PMCBS
Titans at Buccaneers1:00 PMCBS
Falcons at Cardinals4:05 PMCBS
Lions at Chargers4:05 PMCBS
Giants at Cowboys4:25 PMFOX
Commander at Seahawks4:25 PMFOX
Jets at Raiders8:20 PMNBC

Monday, November 13

GameTime (ET)TV
Broncos at Bills8:15 PMESPN

NFL Week 11 schedule 2023

Thursday, November 16

GameTime (ET)TV
Bengals at Ravens8:15 PMPrime Video

Sunday, November 19

GameTime (ET)TV
Cowboys at Panthers1:00 PMFOX
Steelers at Browns1:00 PMFOX
Bears at Lions1:00 PMFOX
Chargers at Packers1:00 PMFOX
Cardinals at Texans1:00 PMCBS
Titans at Jaguars1:00 PMCBS
Raiders at Dolphins1:00 PMCBS
Giants at Commanders1:00 PMFOX
Buccaneers at 49ers4:05 PMFOX
Jets at Bills4:25 PMFOX
Seahawks at Rams4:25 PMFOX
Vikings at Broncos8:20 PMNBC

Monday, November 20

GameTime (ET)TV
Eagles at Chiefs8:15 PMESPN, ABC

NFL Week 12 schedule 2023

Thursday, November 23

GameTime (ET)TV
Packers at Lions12:30 PMFOX
Commanders at Cowboys4:30 PMCBS
49ers at Seahawks8:20 PMNBC

Friday, November 24

GameTime (ET)TV
Dolphins at Jets3:00 PMPrime Video

Sunday, November 26

GameTime (ET)TV
Saints at Falcons1:00 PMFOX
Steelers at Bengals1:00 PMCBS
Jaguars at Texans1:00 PMCBS
Buccaneers at Colts1:00 PMCBS
Patriots at Giants1:00 PMFOX
Panthers at Titans1:00 PMFOX
Rams at Cardinals4:05 PMFOX
Browns at Broncos4:05 PMFOX
Chiefs at Raiders4:25 PMCBS
Bills at Eagles4:25 PMCBS
Ravens at Chargers8:20 PMNBC

Monday, November 27

GameTime (ET)TV
Bears at Vikings8:15 PMESPN

NFL Week 13 schedule 2023

Thursday, November 30

GameTime (ET)TV
Seahawks at Cowboys8:15 PMPrime Video

Sunday, December 3

GameTime (ET)TV
Chargers at Patriots1:00 PMCBS
Lions at Saints1:00 PMFOX
Falcons at Jets1:00 PMFOX
Cardinals at Steelers1:00 PMCBS
Panthers at Buccaneers1:00 PMCBS
Colts at Titans1:00 PMCBS
Dolphins at Commanders1:00 PMFOX
Broncos at Texans4:05 PMCBS
Browns at Rams4:25 PMFOX
49ers at Eagles4:25 PMFOX
Chiefs at Packers8:20 PMNBC

Monday, December 4

GameTime (ET)TV
Bengals at Jaguars8:15 PMESPN

NFL Week 14 schedule 2023

Thursday, December 7

GameTime (ET)TV
Patriots at Steelers8:15 PMPrime Video

Sunday, December 10

GameTime (ET)TV
Buccaneers at Falcons1:00 PMCBS
Rams at Ravens1:00 PMFOX
Lions at Bears1:00 PMFOX
Colts at Bengals1:00 PMCBS
Jaguars at Browns1:00 PMCBS
Panthers at Saints1:00 PMFOX
Texans at Jets1:00 PMCBS
Vikings at Raiders4:05 PMFOX
Seahawks at 49ers4:05 PMFOX
Bills at Chiefs4:25 PMCBS
Broncos at Chargers4:25 PMCBS
Eagles at Cowboys8:20 PMNBC

Monday, December 11

GameTime (ET)TV
Titans at Dolphins8:15 PMESPN
Packers at Giants8:15 PMABC

NFL Week 15 schedule 2023

Thursday, December 14

GameTime (ET)TV
Chargers at Raiders8:15 PMPrime Video

Sunday, December 17

GameTime (ET)TV
Falcons at PanthersTBDTBD
Vikings at BengalsTBDTBD
Bears at BrownsTBDTBD
Broncos at LionsTBDTBD
Steelers at ColtsTBDTBD
Buccaneers at Packers1:00 PMFOX
Jets at Dolphins1:00 PMCBS
Giants at Saints1:00 PMFOX
Texans at Titans1:00 PMCBS
49ers at Cardinals4:05 PMCBS
Commanders at Rams4:05 PMCBS
Cowboys at Bills4:25 PMFOX
Eagles at Seahawks4:25 PMFOX
Ravens at Jaguars8:20 PMNBC

Monday, December 18

GameTime (ET)TV
Chiefs at Patriots8:15 PMESPN

NFL Week 16 schedule 2023

Thursday, December 21

GameTime (ET)TV
Saints at Rams8:15 PMPrime Video

Saturday, December 23

GameTime (ET)TV
Bengals at Steelers4:30 PMNBC
Bills at Chargers8:30 PMPeacock

Sunday, December 24

GameTime (ET)TV
Colts at Falcons1:00 PMFOX
Packers at Panthers1:00 PMFOX
Browns at Texans1:00 PMCBS
Lions at Vikings1:00 PMFOX
Commanders at Jets1:00 PMCBS
Seahawks at Titans1:00 PMCBS
Jaguars at Buccaneers4:05 PMCBS
Cardinals at Bears4:25 PMFOX
Cowboys at Dolphins4:25 PMFOX
Patriots at Broncos8:15 PMNFL Network

Monday, December 25

GameTime (ET)TV
Raiders at Chiefs1:00 PMCBS
Giants at Eagles4:30 PMFOX
Ravens at 49ers8:15 PMABC

NFL Week 17 Schedule 2023

Thursday, December 28

GameTime (ET)TV
Jets at Browns8:15 PMPrime Video

Saturday, December 30

GameTime (ET)TV
Lions at Cowboys8:15 PMESPN, ABC

Sunday, December 31

GameTime (ET)TV
Dolphins at Ravens1:00 PMCBS
Patriots at Bills1:00 PMCBS
Falcons at Bears1:00 PMCBS
Titans at Texans1:00 PMFOX
Raiders at Colts1:00 PMCBS
Panthers at Jaguars1:00 PMCBS
Rams at Giants1:00 PMFOX
Cardinals at Eagles1:00 PMFOX
Saints at Buccaneers1:00 PMFOX
49ers at Commanders1:00 PMFOX
Steelers at Seahawks4:05 PMFOX
Chargers at Broncos4:25 PMCBS
Bengals at Chiefs4:25 PMCBS
Packers at Vikings8:20 PMNBC

NFL Week 18 schedule 2023

NOTE:  The NFL Week 18 will be set in January and unavailable. 

Saturday, January 6

GameTime (ET)TV
Game TBD4.30 PMTBD
Game TBD8.15 PMTBD

Sunday, January 7

GameTime (ET)TV
Seahawks at CardinalsTBDTBD
Steelers at RavensTBDTBD
Buccaneers at PanthersTBDTBD
Browns at BengalsTBDTBD
Vikings at LionsTBDTBD
Bears at PackersTBDTBD
Texans at ColtsTBDTBD
Chiefs at ChargersTBDTBD
Broncos at RaidersTBDTBD
Bills at DolphinsTBDTBD
Jets at PatriotsTBDTBD
Falcons at SaintsTBDTBD
Eagles at GiantsTBDTBD
Rams at 49ersTBDTBD
Jaguars at TitansTBDTBD
Cowboys at CommandersTBDTBD

How to watch every NFL Game live stream online without cable?

The true NFL fan won’t miss any of the football matches. If you are a cable holder, then it’s easy for you to watch every match online, but without cable, it will be tough to watch every game. Don’t worry; there are some ways you can watch every football game live without having a cable at your home. 

The first way is to sign up for third-party streaming services like Sling TV, FuboTV, and YouTube TV. They offer packages with an NFL stream to watch all the games live. 

Another way is to use an app like NFL Game Pass, which lets you watch every game live, but it’s only available to people outside the US, who can watch via NFL+.

How to watch NFL games in the US?

There are several ways to watch live NFL games in the US; the easiest way is to buy tickets online from the NFL website, a third party, or the team’s website. 

Another way to watch NFL games live from home is to have a satellite television or cable subscription. There will be other third-party apps to watch these games live just by creating an account or having their subscriptions. 

Let’s have a look at NFL-watching options.


FuboTV provides the best NFL viewing experience for football fans. You can watch all the NFL action from home with a FuboTV subscription; membership allows you to access the NFL Network, ESPN, NBC Sports, FOX Sports, and more.

FuboTV covers whether you watch NFL games on your TV, computer, tablet, or phone. Also, you may catch up if you miss a game by viewing the available highlights on demand. Please don’t wait to try FuboTV now; you won’t regret it.

A FuboTV membership will cost between $65 and $85 per month.

Hulu+ Live TV

Hulu+ Live TV now offers NFL live streaming, and you can catch your favorite team in action or watch a recorded game replay at your convenience. It will give you access to NBC,  ESPN, CBS, and Fox.

With Hulu+ Live TV, you can access popular shows and movie libraries to stay up-to-date on the latest football news.

Hulu+ Live TV will cost you $65-$71/month with 50 hours DVR recording feature.

Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the most prominent ways to watch your favorite NFL team without paying for a cable subscription. You can access all channels that show NFL games, including NBC Sports Network and ESPN, for just $35 a month.

YouTube TV

Local stations on YouTube TV include TNT, ABC, FOX, ESPN, and more. You must sign up for a YouTube TV membership to watch the NFL on YouTube TV. After registering, you may add NFL Network to your lineup for $64.99/month. 

You can watch live Thursday Night Football games, out-of-market preseason games, in-depth analysis and highlights on NFL GameDay, and more with a YouTube TV subscription and the NFL Network add-on.

DirecTV Stream

Previously known as AT&T TV, it is now DirecTV Stream, where you can watch every play in pristine HD and access exclusive features like player and coach interviews, game highlights, and live analytics. 

You can watch the game on your computer, phone, or tablet with DirecTV Stream, ensuring you never miss a single play. So, if you want to watch the NFL in the best possible way, check out DirecTV Stream.

With DirecTV, a month begins at $69.99. You may purchase add-ons to view premium channels as well. 

Amazon Prime Video

An Amazon Prime subscription is the best and most affordable way to enjoy some NFL games. They won’t stream each NFL game; however, they will webcast every NFL game. Instead, you may watch Amazon Prime Video’s 11 Thursday Night Football episodes.

You can always watch a game later on demand if you can’t watch it live. You may also search the archives for older games to catch up. 

So, if you’re a die-hard NFL fan, Amazon Prime Video is the most fabulous place to watch every play from Thursday Night Football.

Paramount Plus

The NFL season is the most eagerly awaited period for football lovers. The field always has excitement, from exhibition games to the Super Bowl. Paramount Plus offers the CBS streaming service.

Fans can watch the action from anywhere with Paramount Plus. Paramount Plus allows you access to live games, highlights, and more at home. 

A collection of on-demand content and ad-free streaming ensures you can always find something to watch. So, Paramount Plus is ideal if you’re seeking a means to catch up on the most recent NFL activity.


NFL+, a new option to watch football for American fans, was just introduced by the NFL on your phone, tablet, or iPad; it delivers local and primetime regular season games and the postseason.

The NFL+ standard plan is available at $4.99 per month, and the premium plan costs $9.99. But you may also sign up for a whole year. The basic plan costs $29.99 annually, while the premium plan is $79.99.

NFL Sunday Ticket

Football fans must have an NFL Sunday Ticket. Fans who subscribe to DirecTV’s service can access every Sunday game played outside their local area. 

Fans may enjoy the action in 4K super HD on DirecTV, a new format that offers significantly superior clarity. Therefore, NFL Sunday Ticket is an obvious choice if you’re seeking the finest method to watch the NFL this season.

NFL Mobile App

The National Football League has a mobile app that enables fans to follow their favorite teams’ news, view live games, and keep up with the most recent information.

The app also allows users to access the NFL RedZone channel, which broadcasts highlights and live coverage of games. 

How to watch NFL Games Outside of the United States?

Depending on where you are, it might be challenging but possible to watch NFL games outside of the US. However, the NFL game pass is a popular method of protection. Let’s look at the specifics of watching from various nations.

NFL Game Pass

With NFL Game Pass, international football fans can now watch their favorite team play whenever and wherever they choose. At home or on the move, you can watch the entire event live or on demand. 

With a membership, you may watch 230+ live games throughout the season. Additionally, you may examine game highlights, listen to live radio broadcasts, and more. 

NFL Game Pass is the ideal option to keep up with all the most recent NFL news. No matter where you are, you can quickly check the NFL TV schedule and catch your favorite NFL activity.


If you reside in Canada and want to watch NFL games, there are a few options. One option is to purchase an NFL Game Pass membership through DAZN, which grants you access to every game, live or on-demand; CTV, TSN, and CTV2 are other channels Canadians may watch NFL games.

United Kingdom

If you’re an NFL fan who lives in the UK, you might be curious about how to watch games. The NFL livestream may seen in a few ways, which is fortunate. The primary choice is NFL Pass, but you can also get it on ITV Channel and 5 Sky Sports.


7mate, Foxtel, and Kayo all offer live NFL coverage for Australians. Additionally, there are other places where you may watch live streams of NFL games.


NFL Game Pass and DAZN both provide live streaming for Europeans. For 9.99€/month, DAZN is accessible in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, and Austria.


The possibility of having trouble seeing NFL games on TV frustrates many American football fans who reside abroad. There are, however, a few solutions to this issue. 

You may connect to an American server and get all the same channels accessible in the US by using a VPN service, which is one option. 


NFL games will be a blast this season to watch them live. Use a streaming service like Hulu+ Live TV, Sling, YouTube TV, DirecTV Stream, and others to watch NFL live stream online without cable. Before making a choice, research to determine which services are the best for you.


When does NFL season 2023-24 start?

On September 7, the 2023–24 NFL season will get underway. The reigning Super Bowl LVII champion Kansas City Chiefs and the Detroit Lions will square off in the opening game, played at GEHA Field in Kansas City, Missouri’s Arrowhead Stadium.

How to stream NFL games

NFL+, Paramount+, AT&T TV, YouTube TV, DirecTV Stream, Amazon Prime Video, and many more Live TV streaming service providers provide access to NFL games.

Can I Watch the NFL on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or Chromecast?

Yes! NFL Game Pass and other TV streaming providers have applications available on all four of these streaming devices.

Where can I Watch the NFL in India?

The NFL games are broadcast live in India on a Sony Six channel and Dinsney+Hotstar.

When is Super Bowl 2024?

The Super Bowl 2024 will occur at Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada, on February 11. The stadium will hold more than 65,000 spectators for the big event.

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