Thursday Night Football Schedule 2023: TV channel, How to stream

Thursday Night Football Schedule 2023: The wait is finally over; the NFL regular season will be live from September 10, 2023, and Thursday night football will be live on September 14, 2023. The NFL games streaming has been removed from FOX, and now Amazon Prime is the only best way to watch Thursday Night Football from your home. 

In March 2021, Amazon made a contract with NFL broadcasting rights for 10 years with a $1 billion deal, and they only have the right to broadcast the 15 Thursday Night NFL games starting from week 2, which are only available to Amazon Prime members. 

Thursday Night Football Schedule 2023

2Thu, Sep, 14Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles8:20 PMPrime Video
3Thu, Sep, 21NY Giants at San Francisco 49ers8:20 PMPrime Video
4Thu, Sep, 28Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers8:20 PMPrime Video
5Thu, Oct, 05Chicago Bears at Washington Commanders8:20 PMPrime Video
6Thu, Oct, 12Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs8:20 PMPrime Video
7Thu, Oct, 19Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints8:20 PMPrime Video
8Thu, Oct, 26Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Buffalo Bills8:20 PMPrime Video
9Thu, Nov, 02Tennessee Titans at Pittsburgh Steelers8:20 PMPrime Video
10Thu, Nov, 09Carolina Panthers at Chicago Bears8:20 PMPrime Video
11Thu, Nov, 16Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens8:20 PMPrime Video
12Fri, Nov 24Miami Dolphins at NY Jets8:20 PMPrime Video
13Thu, Nov 30Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys8:20 PMPrime Video
14Thu, Dec 7New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers8:20 PMPrime Video
15Thu, Dec 14LA Chargers at Las Vegas Raiders8:20 PMPrime Video
16Thu, Dec 21New Orleans Saints at LA Rams8:20 PMPrime Video
17Thu, Dec 28NY Jets at Cleveland Browns8:20 PMPrime Video 

How to Stream Thursday Night Football?

The NFL fans are most concerned about how to stream Thursday Night Football since FOX doesn’t hold any rights to broadcast this game and has been given rights to Amazon Prime this year. Everything has changed since Prime took away the rights to broadcast the Thursday NFL games.

Amazon Prime

The NFL has signed a new broadcasting deal and given its broadcasting rights to Amazon Prime; now, it’s the only way to enjoy Thursday NFL games. In 2021, FOX lost its rights due to the expiration of the deal, and in March 2021, Amazon signed this deal with the NFL, and the contract will last from 2023 to 2033.

This decision has confused fans about the streaming of NFL games since the broadcasting was easily available on cable TV channels like FOX and NFL Networks, and it won’t be now for the next 10 years. Amazon Prime is the only way that has remained for NFL fans.

So, how will it happen?

In March 2021, Amazon made a contract with NFL broadcasting rights for 10 years with a $1 billion deal, and they only have the right to broadcast the 15 Thursday Night NFL games starting from week 2, which are only available to Amazon Prime members. 

The contract has been given to Amazon because of its high-end tech solutions to stream the live NFL’s Thursday night games since it has 2 sky cams, a Trackman ball tracking system, and 13 super slow motion cameras, which will create an excellent game-watching experience for fans.

NFL has kept only one way for its fans to watch Thursday Night NFL games since it will not be streamed on other platforms or NFL network cable channels on TV; fans have to get an Amazon Prime subscription to stream the game.

Amazon also plans to add particular subscription offers to stream the NFL’s Thursday night football games from the following season.


Since Amazon Prime has purchased the broadcasting rights from the NFL, it will improve the viewing experience, and it will be worth it for fans to subscribe to the watching experience; Amazon will try to make its expertise better than past broadcasters.

Which teams are playing NFL’s Thursday Night Football 2023?

  • Week 2 – 9/14 – Vikings @ Eagles
  • Week 3 – 9/21 – Giants @ 49ers
  • Week 4 – 9/28 – Lions @ Packers
  • Week 5 – 10/5 – Bears @ Commanders
  • Week 6 – 10/12 – Broncos @ Chiefs
  • Week 7 – 10/19 – Jaguars @ Saints
  • Week 8 – 10/26 – Buccaneers @ Bills
  • Week 9 – 11/2 – Titans @ Steelers
  • Week 10 – 11/9 – Panthers @ Bears
  • Week 11 – 11/16 – Bengals @ Ravens
  • Week 12 – 11/24 – Dolphins @ Jets (*Black Friday)
  • Week 13 – 11/30 – Seahawks @ Cowboys
  • Week 14 – 12/7 – Patriots @ Steelers
  • Week 15 – 12/14 – Chargers @ Raiders
  • Week 16 – 12/21 – Saints @ Rams
  • Week 17 – 12/28 – Jets @ Browns

Can I watch games via a TV streaming service?

Amazon has contracted with the NFL to hold its streaming rights with a $1 billion deal, and there’s no other way to watch these games than Amazon Prime.

When is the NFL’s Thursday Night Football on?

Thursday Night Football will start from Week 2, September 14, 2023, until Week 17, December 28. The games are scheduled to begin at 8:20 PM on Amazon Prime

How much did Amazon pay the NFL to purchase broadcast rights?

Amazon has signed a $1 billion contract with the NFL for an exclusive 10-year deal. Only Amazon Prime can stream Thursday Night Football nationwide From 2022 to 2033.

What channel is Thursday Night Football on?

NFL’s Thursday Night Football 2023 will be available on Amazon Prime only. Therefore, you cannot watch on TV channels or through third-party streaming services.

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